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An Easier Way To Sell Your Southeast Texas House

No Realtor Fees | No Repairs | No Cleaning

Our Simple 3 Step Process

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How Our Process Works

We Offer Cash For Your House In 3 Easy Steps!

Let’s face it, selling your home the traditional way is terrible. That’s why our mission is to make selling your Southeast Texas home Fast and Easy. Our 3 step Home Buying Process at Strike Zone Investments is EASY and allows you to sell your Southeast Texas home on your timeline, while still receiving a fair offer. If you have any questions, you can take a look at our FAQ page here, or Contact us!


Call (409) 223-7434 or request an offer online by completing the form. It’s fast and easy, so get your no-obligation cash offer started below!

We work with you to learn more about your property and set an appointment to meet with you about your property.


We will meet you to view the property and go over any questions you may have. We then present you with a no obligation all cash offer.

We will walk the property with you. Once we view the property, we present you with a fair cash offer.



If you accept our offer, we close at a local reputable Escrow/Title Company. Cash in your hands, property off your hands, done on your schedule!

We can close on your schedule, whether you need a fast or slow closing. Sell your house on your timeline.

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We buy houses in any condition. No realtor fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Offer For Your House In Cash!
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That Is Our Simple 3 Step Home Buying Process

We understand selling your Southeast Texas home is a big decision. Most homeowners we work with have never sold a home without a real estate agent. If you’re like them, you might have some questions.

We want you to understand the process from start to finish, so you’re able to make the best decision when selling your Southeast Texas home. Transparency and Integrity is important to us.

We Believe Selling Your Southeast Texas House Really Can Be A Simple And Hassle Free Process

Step 1 – Tell Us Alittle About Your Property

For us to be able to make you the best possible offer, we like to speak with you to gather more information about your property. You can complete the form below or we can speak with you over the phone, communicate through email, or even text messages. You can call or text us at (409) 223-7434 to get started. We are Local, right here in Southeast Texas!

We gather some basic information about your property before meeting you there. This can include beds, baths, square footage, and any upgrades you’ve done recently. We try to be thorough, but also brief since we know your time is valuable.

Once we know a bit more about your property, we take a look at the recent cash comparables in your area. From there we will be able to come up with an idea of what we can pay for your Southeast Texas home. This is just an estimate that we have prior to meeting you at the property.

Get Your FREE Offer Today!

We buy houses in any condition. No realtor fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Offer For Your House In Cash!
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Step 2 – Walk The Property With Us

Since we are a local home buying company in Southeast Texas, we will meet you at your property at a time that is convenient for you. We will walk your property with you and talk about some of the details of your home to get the best idea of what repairs might be needed. Don’t worry we will handle all the repairs.

Strike Zone Investments Blue Check We Schedule A Quick Appointment At The Property

We work around your schedule and meet with you when it’s the best and most convenient time for you.

Strike Zone Investments Blue Check We Answer Many Of The Questions You May Have, In Person

We understand you may have questions, that’s a good thing! We welcome questions and will answer any questions you have.

Strike Zone Investments Blue Check Fast Offer Within 24 Hours, Sometimes Sooner

Once we walk the property with you and get more details, we will present you with a fair cash offer on your property within 24 hours. Remember your cash offer is always a no-obligation and commission free offer!

Step 3 – Attend Closing And Get Your Check

Once you are happy with our offer and you accept it, we send our purchase and sale agreement to our title company to get started on the title work.

Title work can take as little as a few days or sometimes a few weeks. It all depends if there are any challenges in establishing a clear title. Our title company works to clear the title and get our closing ready.

While the title work is being performed, we will keep you informed every step of the way should any questions arise that the title company may have.

Once the title work is clear, we get the thumbs up and clear to close. The title company schedules a day and time to close that works best for you. Once all paperwork is signed, you receive your check or wire if you prefer from the title company.

That’s All There Is To It!

Easy As

How We Calculate Your Offer To Buy Your Southeast Texas House

With the basics of our home buying process out of the way, we know you may still have questions. You are probably asking yourself, “But how do they calculate my fair cash offer“….. Right? Great question! As we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, we have no problem sharing with you how exactly we formulate our offers.


ARV – Cost Of Repairs – Our Selling Costs – Our Minimum Profit = Your Cash Offer


AFTER REPAIR VALUE (ARV): What is the After Repair Value (ARV)? The ARV is what the market value of your house will be AFTER we make renovations to bring it up to par with recently sold homes in the area. We take the projected value of your property once it is brought to current market standards regarding layout, design, and finishes of the property. This is known as the After Repair Value or ARV.

COST OF REPAIRS: After we determine the After Repair Value, we subtract our Cost Of Repairs, which will be the estimated cost of fixing or remodeling the house to “like-new” condition AFTER we purchase it from you. We calculate a rough estimate of repairs based on the reported condition of the home, provided photos, and/or visual inspection conducted during our walk-through of your property.

SELLING COSTS: We then subtract our Selling Costs. Although we purchase properties without involving real estate agents, we on the other hand, have to use agents to sell the property AFTER we have purchased it from you and made all necessary repairs and updates. Therefore, we have the responsibility of paying agent commissions, closing costs, transfer taxes, termite report, roof certification, staging fees, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. If you sell your house directly to Strike Zone Investments, these are all the fees you will NOT have to pay.

MINIMUM PROFIT MARGIN: Obviously, because we are a business, we do need to make some kind of gain for ourselves. We hope you understand that. However, we keep our profit to a fair margin that is our absolute minimum so we can make more offers and buy more houses. The Strike Zone Investments business model is to buy a higher quantity of houses for a Small Profit Margin each, as opposed to buying a just a few houses for a large profit each – so everybody wins!

For example – Let’s say your home, after it’s all fixed up and remodeled, would be worth $200K. And let’s say it needs about $20,000 in repairs, our cash offer to you would be calculated like this: $200K minus ($40K + $20K {our selling costs} + $20K {our minimum required profit in this case}) = $120K Cash Offer.

We spend a considerable amount of time and effort on your home analysis so we can offer you the most cash for your Southeast Texas home – an offer that results in a transaction that’s a win for you AND a win for us. We want you to have confidence that you are receiving our highest possible cash offer for a fast, convenient and hassle-free sale of your house, just like many other sellers we’ve worked with.

What Happens Next If We Accept Your Offer?

If you accept our offer…you will be required to sign and return our simple purchase contract and we will then open Escrow immediately. Escrow will then provide you with Escrow and Title paperwork to complete. As mentioned, this can take as little as a few days to a couple of weeks depending on if there are any challenges in establishing a clear title. Once all parties have received the necessary completed paperwork from you, we will wire the closing funds to Escrow.  It only takes us one day to wire the closing funds to Escrow.  Once Escrow receives the closing funds, Title records the sale on the date of your choice.  After Title records the sale, Escrow will wire your closing proceeds to your bank account or you can pick up a check at Escrow.  After you confirm your money is in your bank account, we meet you to get the keys.  Cash in your hands, property off your hands. 

It’s really that easy!

See what we can offer you for your house…

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We buy houses in any condition. No realtor fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Offer For Your House In Cash!
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Strike Zone Investments, LLC is a top rated home buying company in Southeast Texas . We buy houses, condos, mobile homes and multi-family properties in Jefferson CountyOrange CountyHardin County, and other areas in Texas. Whether you are trying to avoid foreclosure, tired of being a landlord and dealing with tenants, working through a job loss or divorce, inherited a property that you don’t want, or your property needs a lot of repairs, we can buy your house for a fair price. If you need to sell your house fast, we offer cash for homes in Southeast Texas.